A dream of flying!

“…she put her hand on the throttle and pulled. Her mood instantly changed to one of elation. It was thrilling to feel the frame tremble as the Prometheum boiler kicked in. To control such power; then to rise over the trees in that fragile openwork cab! It was truly like a dream of flying.”

The Upsilon Knot, Chapter 6: Moving Pieces

That’s a little what it felt like to send the final approval for this book and feel the world that I’ve been nurturing in my mind suddenly lift off and soar out the reading public. (recall that touch of queasiness from my last post? Must have been aer-sickness)

The final tasks moved quickly, so I can share the news a few days ahead of the anticipated September date: as of today, Dear Reader, you can obtain your own copy of The Upsilon Knot

For a suitably 19th Century experience (regardless of timeline!), choose the classic bound-paper edition.  A Kindle edition is already available for those who prefer their reading more portable, with a Nook (epub) edition soon to follow.  As information becomes available, I’ll be adding to the list of outlets on the website homepage.

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